The first radio martiko single
Oriental Rock 'n' Roll!!! Uncomparable exotic sounds from the Italian and Greek RCA catalog.

The Latins - Habibi Twist (Mancini/Bascerano) (Licensed from Sony MGM)

Alba and Orchestre Aris - Alba's Shake (Aris Karantanis) (Licensed from Nikos Karantanis)

This killer double sider features 2 dance tunes from the 60's, combining the best of the East and the West. Each of these 2 dance floor fillers is unique in its own way. Getting these tunes on original 45 is rather tough so grab your chance!

Limited high quality pressing with handmade silkscreen company sleeve. Artwork and label design by Pieter Heytens.

Sorry, sold out!!

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Brazilian beat or Armenian rock ‘n roll? French mambo or Iranian surf? Chinese twist or Belgian bellydance? Welcome to the universe of Radio Martiko soundsystem!!! We’ll take you from a steaming soul club in Chicago to a Haitian carnival, from the suburbs of Lagos to a Bombay film set, from a London mod meeting to the casbah of Cairo.
Come and shake with the monkeys!!!

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